Why We're Different

When you choose to work with Fusion Packaging, you're partnering with a company that is changing the game in packaging. Our unique combination of expertise, technology and passion is what makes us different and here are the things that we believe truly set us apart from the rest.

Fusion Design Studio

Our in-house design unit, Fusion Design Studio, is comprised of some of the industry’s most talented professionals, including Industrial Designers, Engineers, Graphic Designers and Marketers. As a Fusion Design Studio client, you'll get products that are visually distinguishing and designed with optimum functionality and manufacturability in mind.

But beyond creativity, the Fusion Design Studio team possesses incredible technical proficiency, and deep knowledge of the intricacies of packaging mechanics. Simply put, Fusion Design Studio knows how to make amazing products both on the outside and the inside. This knowledge and expertise has led to the development of some of our most desired stock products and some of our customer’s most successful product designs.

To ensure that both the beauty and the functionality of your next product launch is above and beyond your expectations, trust Fusion Design Studio.




Structural Package Design

Graphic Design 

Branding and Logo